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Schematic Audio Power Amplifier with IC AN7118S

 *notif : this circuit is stereo power amplifier

Although the schematic power amplifier with IC AN7118S is difficult for lees understood making of  PCB track . But once tried to design on PCB is not so difficult. Because the actual components close together and easy to design it. This Circuit need minimum voltage 1 volt and  maximum voltage 3 volt. It is a low voltage amplifier with power output 2 x 35 m Watt .

Schematic circuit below :

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Components Required :

Resistor / Condensator / Capacitor : 4,7Ohm (2x) , 0,01 uF (2x) , 47uf (2x) , 68 pf (2x) , 1uF (2x) ,  22uF (2x) , 220 uF (1x) , 470uf (2x). Condensator / capacitor voltage use 16 volt. Only Condensator on output speaker use voltage 25 volt.

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