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Digital Potentiometer Using DS1669

This DS1669 digital potentiometer circuit can be used for replacing your manual volume control in audio circuits.DS1669 are digital rheostats or potentiometers and provide 64 possible uniform tap points over the resistive range and are available in standard versions of 10K, 50K, and 100K ohms.The IC can be controlled by either a mechanical–type contact closure input or a digital source input such as a CPU
With this circuit we can control sound volume form an stereo audio amplifier.

Digital Potentiometer Circuit Using DS1669

Digital Potentiometer by using DS1669

When the S1 and S2 is push we can modify the level of sound (up or down). This integrated circuit is manufactured by Dallas Semiconductor and it can be use like a potentiometer in many applications like : contrast adjustment for an LCD or for level sound control. This digital volume controller IC is manufactured in dip or soic footprint (8 pins) and can be supply with an voltage between 4.5 and 8 volts DC.

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