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Low impedance microphone amplifier

The circuit is a microphone amplifier used for handle with low impedance (~200 ohm) microphones. It hope against hope job with stabilized voltages sandwiched between 6-30VDC. If you dont build the impedance adapter part with T1, you obtain a micamp for upper impedance microphones. within this indictment, you ought to honestly bond the suggest to C7.

Low impedance microphone amplifier
Add captionLow impedance microphone amplifier
R2= 150k
R3= 2k2
R4= 820
R6= 10k
R7= 10k
P1= 1M
C1= 3k9
C2= 100u
C3= 22u
C4= 4u7
C5= 470u
C6= 10u
C7= 100n
D1= 1N4148
U1= TL081

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