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Car audio amplifier using TDA2003 IC

Car audio amplifier using TDA2003 IC

Easy low power car audio amplifier circuit on TDA 2003. The circuit is Easy to construct. TDA2003 is an integrated radio amplifier from ST Micro electronics that like short circuit protection for all pins, thermal over low harmonic distortion, low cross over distortion etc. In the circuit given here TDA2003 is wired as a mono amplifier operating from a 12V .

Resistors R2 and R3 forms a feedback network that sets the amplifiers gain. C7 input DC de-coupling capacitor and C5 couples the speaker to the amplifiers output. C4 } for improving the ripple rejection C1 and C2 are employed for power filtering. C3 and R1 are used for setting the frequency cut-off. Network comprising of C6 and R4 for frequency stabilization and oscillation.


  • Assemble the circuit on a good quality PCB.
  • Heat sinks are necessary for both ICs.
  • The circuit can be operated from 12V DC.
  • S1 is the ON/OFF switch.

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