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How to Diagnose and Fix Everything Electronic

Everything. That’s a scary word, one I almost avoided including in the title. Can any book actually cover everything about a topic? Yes and no. Yes, in the sense that the principles and techniques you’ll learn can be applied to the repair of every kind of consumer electronics device presently being made or likely to be sold in the near future. No, in that it’s impossible to fit each of the thousands of types of components and countless varieties of gadgets in the world into one volume. Covering all of them in deepest detail would take a library, and a good-sized one at that.

How to Diagnose and Fix - Everything Electronic eBookFile Type: PDF
File Size: 3.4MB
Total Pages: 337

Chapter 1
  • Prepare for Blastoff: Fixing Is Fun!
Chapter 2
  • Setting Up Shop: tools of the trade
Chapter 3
  • Danger, Danger! Staying Safe
Chapter 4
  • I Fix, therefore I am: the philosophy of troubleshooting
Chapter 5
  • Naming Names: Important terms, Concepts and Building Blocks
Chapter 6
  • Working Your Weapons: Using test equipment
Chapter 7
  • What Little Gizmos are Made of: Components
Chapter 8
  • Roadmaps and Street Signs: Diagrams
Chapter 9
  • Entering Without Breaking: Getting Inside
Chapter 10
  • What the heck Is that? recognizing Major Features
Chapter 11
  • A-hunting We Will Go: Signal tracing and Diagnosis
Chapter 12
  • Presto Change-O: Circuit Boards and replacing Components
Chapter 13
  • That’s a Wrap: reverse-Order reassembly
Chapter 14
  • Aces Up Your Sleeve: tips and tricks for Specific products

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