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Basic AC Circuits 2nd Edition

As stated in the preface this book is designed primarily for the person continuing a study of basic electricity — the entry level student. It assumes that the reader has a basic knowledge of the principles of direct current (dc) electricity and a basic mathematics background that includes some algebra. There are several features of this book specifically designed to increase its efficiency and help the reader grasp the principles of analyzing ac circuits. At the beginning of each chapter, detailed objectives are listed. These objectives state what new things you should be able to do upon successful completion of the chapter. It is suggested that these objectives be read before beginning the chapter.

Basic AC Circuits 2nd Edition eBookFile Size: 8MB
File Type: PDF
Total Pages: 552
  1. Introduction to Alternating Current
  2. AC and the Sine Wave
  3. The Oscilloscope and Its Use
  4. The Sine Wave and Phase
  5. Resistive Circuits
  6. Capacitance
  7. RC Circuit Analysis
  8. Inductance and Transformers
  9. RL Circuit Analysis
  10. RC and RL Time Constants
  11. RLC Circuit Analysis
  12. Phasor Algebra
  13. Complex RLC Circuit Analysis
  14. Resonance

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