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Simple FM transmitter with 2N3904

simple FM transmitter
In this section discuss about the series of mini fm transmitter, with broadcast coverage of about 300-400 meters. when using a 9 volt working voltage, the transmit power of about 300 meters and when using the working voltage 12 volts, the range of about 400-450 meters, depending on the antenna you use.

This scheme of simple fm transmitter
simple FM transmitter

For L1 and L2 windings 5 times the wrap, you can use a pen to fill melilitnya so neat and after lepaslah content of these pens. C5 is used for placement of broadcasting frequencies, can be tuned between 88-108 mhz, to reach further use steering antenna or Yagi antenna.

Part List
C1 = 0.001uF
C2 = 5.6pF
C3 = 10uF
C4 = 10uF
C5 = 3 - 18pF Adjustable capacitor
R1 = 270R
R2 = 4.7K
R3 = 10K
R4 = 100K
R5 = 4.7K
R6 = 4.7K
Q1 = 2N2222A
Q2 = 2N3904
L1 = 5 turn
L2 = 5 turn

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