Tuesday, November 12, 2013

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Rain Detector Circuit Using NE555

Rain Detector Circuit Using NE555Rain Detector Circuit Using NE555

Rain detector using In principle it is an astable multivibrator 555, which is prepared by IC555 with a sensor attached that can detect water. Astable multivibrator with the 555 is in the audio frequency with a frequency of 1 KHz. The use of rain detector circuit can be disupplay 555 with voltage source that is free enough as 5 to 15 VDC. In the application of rain detector circuit The use of this object 555 can be mounted engine, car and others who want to protect from rain.

Water sensor used in the rain detector circuit 555 Using this you can do yourself a PCB Degan make the path as shown in the image above or, as described from the image above is the use foil glued to a board or boards that are plastic insulation. The important principle of this sensor is to conduct electrical current very well when the surface is exposed to water even a little.

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