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2x70Watt Amplifier Circuit

Stereo Power Amplifier is 2x70Watt STA550 chip audio power with BASH concept that can be connected with digital perangkkat. 2x70Watt STA550 Stereo Power Amplifier is an amplifier with BTL system with symmetrical power supply with ground. Power amplifier STA550 uses power output transistor which is on the chip and is set to produce a high efficiency audio power.
Power output on the STA550 is using the system without copling ac bridge (direct) and zero offset. Strengthening of the STA550 from stereo power amplifier is +12 dB. 2x70Watt STA550 Stereo Power Amplifier is equipped with temperature sensors for protection from overheating and current-limiting protection system for power amplifier. 2x70Watt STA550 Stereo Power Amplifier is equipped with standby and mute controls to regulate silent or active mode power amplifier.
2x70Watt Amplifier Circuit

Feature Stereo Power Amplifier 2x70Watt STA550 :
Monochip Bridge Stereo Amplifier dengan Bash® Architecture
55+55w Output Power @ Rl = 4/8 W, Thd = 0.5%
70+70w Output Power @ Rl = 4/8 W, Thd = 10%
High Dynamic Preamplifier Input Stages
External Programmable Feedback Type Compressors
Ac Coupled Input To Class Ab Bridge Output Amplifier
Precision Rectifiers To Drive The Digital Converter
Proportional Over Power Output Current To Limit The Digital Converter
Absolute Power Bridge Output Transistor Power Protection
Absolute Output Current Limit
Integrated Thermal Protection
Power Supply Over Voltage Protection Flexiwatt Power Package With 27 Pin
Bash® Licence Required

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