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Cheap Electronics Component for Amplifier Application

cheap electronics
Cheap electronics component for amplifier application, it is simple to be made for speaker active . The sound quality even this  Mini Amplifier TDA2030 quite satisfactory for a portable audio system.

"The series of Mini Amplifier TDA 2030 "The series of mini amplifie can reproduce the power output of 14 Watt with 8 Ohm speaker load. The series of mini-amplifier can be supplied with ource voltage of 12 volts - 15 volts DC. more details, see the following series of pictures.

cheap electronics

Daftar komponen

- R1: 150KΩ
- R2: 4.7KΩ
- R3: 100KΩ
- R4: 1Ω 1W
- RA/RB: 100KΩ


- C1: 1µF / 25V
- C2: 2.2µF / 25V
- C3: 100nF
- C4: 22µF / 25V
- C5: 100 µF / 25V
- C6: 220nF
- C7: 2200µF / 35V

IC / Dioda

- IC1: TDA2030 or TDA2030a
- D1/D2: IN4002

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