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How to Create Link XLamp XM LED

The XM-Lamp LED can be regarded as the highest performance LED, solid state single LED that is capable of producing ultra-bright light intensities. These LEDs offer a unique combination of high efficiency, it is able to efficiently provide 1000 lumens 100 lumens per watt at 3, 5 mm x 5 mm. The circuit described here can be used for applications in residential lighting and automotive LEDs should be mounted on suitable heat sinks for optimal performance. For more information on this, you can consult the datasheet in the link below.

Create Link XLamp XM-LED Circuit Diagram

Create Link XLamp XM-LED

Size (mm x mm) 5 x 5
Maximum unit current (A) 3
Maximum power (W) 10
Light output Up to 1040 lm 10 W @
Typical forward voltage (V) 3.1
Viewing angle (degrees) 125
ANSI binning
Thermal Resistance (° C / W) 2.5
Yes Reflow-solderable - JEDEC J-STD-020C-compatible
RoHS and REACH-compliant Yes
UL recognized component Yes - Level 4 Cash Consideration

Datasheet Download Led Cree XLamp XM-LED

Under a connection pattern of three Xlamp Cree XM-LED can be used as lighting in vehicles.

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