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Simple Alkaline Cell Charger Circuit Diagram

This is the Simple Alkaline Cell Charger Circuit Diagram. This charger works as two channel current limited voltage source 1.6 V. Low charge current allows charging deep discharged cells (0.7 - 0.8 V) and non-rechargeable cells. Charge current can be changed by R9 and R10. With 470 Ohm is approx 7 mA. LED1 and LED indicates when cell voltage reached 1.6 V and cell is fully charged. 

If power supply is disconnected, reverse discharging current is negligibly (less than 1 microA). For this feature is operational amplifier type LM324 recommended or similar type with p-n-p transistor on input. Non-rechargeable cells can be charged, but their capacity will be significantly less than rechargeable cells

Alkaline Cell Charger Circuit Diagram



Parts list

R1 2,2 kohm
R2 10 kohm
R3 2,7 kohm
R4 15 kohm
R5, R6 5,6 kohm
R7, R8 22 kohm (viz text) /
depend on R9, R10 (approx. 50 times greater than R9, R10)
R9, R10 470 ohm (see text) / change charge current
R11, R12 1 kohm (See text) / change LEDs current
R13 1 kohm, SMD1206
C1 100 nF, ceramic
D1, D2 1N4148 etc.
T1, T2 2SC945 etc.
IC1 TL431C
IC2 LM324
LED1 until LED3 Any LED 3 mm with low power consumption /
any low power 3 mm LEDs
  Housing Articles/ cell cases AA, AAA
  pcb bcs67 / PCB board see fig. 2

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