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12 Volt Charger Circuit with LM350

The strength supply routine structure is developed as a resource of continuous present with adverse heat range coefficient. Transistor Q1 (BD 140) is used as a heat range indicator. transistor Q2 is used to avoid the strength supply from discharging through R1 when strength is out of stock. Getting routine is developed depending on the LM350 present regulator IC. The result present of the battery charger can be altered between 13-15 V by various the POT R6.

LM350 will try to keep the present decrease between the feedback pin and result pin at a continuous value of 1.25V. So there will be a continuous present circulation through resistor R1. Q1 act here as a heat range indicator with the help of R6/R3/R4 elements that are more or less manages the platform present of Q1. As relationship emitter / platform of transistor Q1, the same as other semiconductors, containing the heat range coefficient of-2mV / ° C, the present result will also display a bad heat range coefficient. This one is just a aspect of 4 huge, because the difference of the emitter / platform of Q1 is increased by a aspect of category P1/R3/R4. This causes some-8mV / ° C. LED will lighting whenever strength is available.

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