Friday, September 26, 2014

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Tweeter Used to Sense Vibrations

The creator built a neat looking project which uses a piezoelectric element from a tweeter to detect vibrations. He is using a Zilog eZ8 series microcontroller which seemed to be very popular years ago.

Tweeter Used to Sense Vibrations
This project dependently using a strong vibration while the enclosure has been placed on the top of vibration sensor. The LED matrix has two eyes the wandering around effects. Whenever there is no vibration being detected the eyes will shut down as if they were sleeping.

Tweeter Used in Sensing Vibrations
A button was placed behind to manually switch it into various modes. It uses a four AA batteries and can draw 150uA when asleep while it draws for about 150mA when up.

Source : extreamcircuit

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